Rummaneh Charitable Association

The Charitable Association was established in 2006 to:

  • Raise villagers’ living conditions especially children and women;
  • Help people find jobs;
  • Acquire support from outside Rummaneh;
  • Open a public library;
  • Provide training courses for students;
  • Expand our kindergarten;
  • Improve access to healthcare;
  • Grow our foreign contacts, spreading awareness of the people’s hardship.

The Association’s board comprises two engineers, a surveyor, a doctor, an accountant and a lawyer, who all work inside the village. Some of the Association’s latest activities include:-

  • Hosted international visitors who learned about Rummaneh’s needs;
  • Held free healthcare days;
  • Distributed food aid to 400+ students;
  • Over 10 days, distributed bread to 120 homes, three times a day;
  • Acquired toys for the kindergarten;
  • Held community days for the youth, including tree planting around the village;
  • Held day trips for 45 disabled residents;
  • Installed a public internet lab at the village centre;
  • Distributed 300 olive trees to farmers;
  • Paid school costs for 10 low income university students;
  • Bought school supplies and personal care items for 165 university students.

Contact details:

Mohammed Sbehat – Chairman: [+972] 599433517

Hussam Fawwaz – Treasurer: [+972] 599131755

Administration Office [+970] 42440674

email: or