The village of Rummanah and the neighbouring villages of Taybe, Anin and Salim are in the north of the West bank. These villages are on the Green Line, in a farming area, near to Israel in Area C. They are allowed access to their lands and family on the other side of the Fence, for only one day a year.

Living in an Israeli Firing Zone keeps people awake at night. The villagers often find unexploded munitions on the ground, raising concerns for their children’s safety.

border with Israel

Here is a view over land that used to be Palestinian but has been taken by Israel. Notice the road that passes from the bottom the right of the photo, this is the border fence. Notice also how green it is on the Israeli side; that’s because the Israeli’s have irrigated heavily something the Palestinians cannot do as the Isralis control all the water.

demolished home in Rummanah

It is very difficult to get permission from the Israeli occupying authority to build a house; so the Palestinians build anyway as this is the only way to have a home. If you then upset the authorities then they come and demolish it, as above.

rummanah school

The head mistress of the school, with some of the children. In the background is the school garden, where they hope to plant some Olive trees with our help.

rummannah school

Here are Jean , Pat and Kate with the Village Leader in the foreground and the village school after giving us a song.

Please Click on the Image below to find out about community housing, water and more 

WWFoP Presentation Final A1 WWFoP Presentation Final A1-page-001

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