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Please support WWFOP and subscribe to our newsletter. We are a non subscription organisation but welcome donations to support projects benefitting Palestinians in the West Bank. Contact our Supporters’ Secretary at

Be reassured that we will protect any information we hold to enable us to send you our newsletter or news of forthcoming events. Please refer to our Privacy Policy.

West Wales Friends of Palestine GDPR Statement Feb 2019

Links to organisations supporting the Palestinian cause:-


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  1. I was very glad to be with you at the AGM 31.8.21. We have been totally remiss in keeping up by reading newsletters etc, but I am now resolved to do better! We are not able to take part by eg travelling to Palestine or organizing or even attending events etc; but we are pretty dependable pray-ers, and reckon to be more active in that area, using info in newsletters and other posts to inform prayer. PS This is my first visit to the website; I like it a lot, especially the first thing I read: About WWFOP and its aims.


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