About West Wales Friends of Palestine

WWFOP  is a twinning organisation set up to forge a link between the people of West Wales and the people and communities of Rummanah, Palestine and more recently the Al Jaleel Centre in Jenin Refugee Camp. Twinning brings friendship and understanding and encourages visits and grassroots educational and cultural links between the two communities.

Why Twin with Communities in Palestine?

Palestinians in the West Bank have been living under military occupation for 44 years. They feel isolated and forgotten by the world.

A friendship/twinning link offers the people of West Wales a better understanding of the situation and culture in Palestine and gives the people of these communities a window to the outside world.

Our Aims

WWFOP is not political, but does seek to draw attention to the hardships suffered by the people and communities of Rummanah [and wider Palestinian community] and to abuses of human rights. Our main aims are:-

  • To promote and foster friendship and understanding between the people of West Wales and Palestinian communities;
  • To encourage visits by individuals and groups to and from our twinned communities and further the development of personal contacts and by doing so to broaden mutual understanding of our cultural, recreational, educational and commercial activities;
  • To identify and support specific projects which enhance the well-being of these communities and as appropriate raise funds to contribute to their realisation;
  • To raise awareness of the everyday lives of Palestinians living under occupation.

To learn more about the aims and intentions of WWFOP click on the link to the constitution below:-

Constitution of West Wales Friends of Palestine