Amnesty International – Festival of Womanhood – London, June 16th 2019

Women in Conflict is a topic that’s often discussed, debated and sometimes bemoaned. Many narratives have emerged surrounding women in conflict zones being victims, heroes, perpetrators, agents, and even symbols. Every conflict is as unique as womanhood itself and Nasawiyya Festival is a celebration of all women in all conflicts.

The Festival of النسوية will be a celebration of Women and their role in Palestine and other Conflict Zones around the world as well as an educational and awareness raising event. The festival will be a day full of workshops, panel discussions, film screenings and performances.

Not only will this address and education people on issues surrounding women in conflicts; their role, identity and rights. But, it will also be a celebration of them and their contribution. It will take us through a journey of what it means to be a woman in a conflict zone.

Tickets for this one day workshop available from:-

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