Launch of Wales Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Members of the group attended the launch of the Wales Palestine Solidarity Campaign on March 22nd in Cardiff. The event was sponsored by Bethan Jenkins AM and the speakers were Haya al Farra of the Palestine Mission, Mike Hedges AM, Shavanah Taj International Officer for PCS Wales , Ben Jamal director of PSC and Betty Hunter, Hon. President of PSC.

WWFOP Stall at the launch

Bethan Jenkins said:
“I was very pleased and proud to sponsor the launch of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign in Wales. The event was well attended and I sensed real enthusiasm for building a campaign across Wales to highlight the injustices faced by Palestinians every day.

“As Martin Luther King said: Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere and we must keep this in mind when we consider why this campaign is so important. Because there is an injustice taking place in Israel and Palestine and an ongoing conflict and we can’t ignore it.

“The Israeli Palestine conflict is also one of the longest ongoing political conflicts in the world today. It’s at the heart of tensions and wider political and military conflicts across the middle east. Finally finding a lasting solution to this and a solution which provides Palestine with a viable and secure state, is key if we are serious about fostering peace and better relations across the whole of the region. It is incumbent for ordinary citizens who feel passionate about this, to campaign so that our government hears this message.

“This campaign is not about being anti-Israeli, this does not seek to antagonise individual Israelis. This campaign takes issue with the policies of successive Israeli governments. Policies backed by the United States, Britain and others, which encourage illegal actions, flouting of treaties and agreements, the ignoring of UN mandates and the purposeful economic strangulation of the Palestine territories. It cannot go on, and I think this is something that many Israelis and Jewish people across the world would agree with.”

The  aim of the campaign is to bring together supporters of Palestine from across Wales in a network in order to campaign and lobby more effectively while supporting and promoting the diversity of solidarity work and connections that already exist.”

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